Mountaineer Blue

By Jay Young


With construction of TimberTrek complete and only the clean up and staff training left to go, a few of us have been heading out semi-regularly to get familiar with the park and debug, so to speak, the elements. Over the course of a few laps, we’ve formed a rock-solid consensus. Though all 5 courses are almost bizarrely fun, the blue course, which we’ve name Mountaineer, is is a freaking Blast, with a capital B. It’s got more elements than each of the other courses, is the tallest over all (roughly 55 feet at its apex, and several elements nearing 50) and… it has the Tarzan swing, which is scary, difficult and utterly thrilling all in one.


But as everybody who loves adventure knows, if you don’t have photos, it never happened. Boy, have we got photos…


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