Haunted Inns of the New River Gorge

Blume Haven InnBy Shea Anderson


Now I lay me down to sleep, where the ghosts and spirits creep.


Before you slip into slumber in Fayette County, you should know the ghosts of the area seem to center their unrest around the resting places of the living. An inn in Fayetteville and another in Glen Ferris, about 20 minutes away, are both rumored to be the dwellings of the deceased.


The Blume Haven Inn bed and breakfast in Fayetteville houses a thieving poltergeist, who swipes items from guests, hiding them under the bed in room #7. He is said to be a former owner of the inn, whose cane can still be heard rapping on the floorboards as he stashes the stolen goods.


It’s nice to know that lost items are easily found in a predictable hiding spot after they go missing, but it would be frightening to have to crawl under the bed to retrieve them with a ghost lingering in the room. Imagine wriggling under the mattress and reaching out, just as you hear the sound of a cane dragging across the floorboards behind you.


The Blume Haven Inn has since shut its doors to guests.


“The Colonel,” another playful ghost at the Glen Ferris Inn, can also be heard roaming the halls while guests are in bed. People hear the Confederate soldier’s feet shuffle through the night, but they rarely see them. He is sometimes seen from only the waist up, however, floating through the hallway outside the kitchen.


About ten minutes from The Colonel’s eternal unresting place, in Montgomery, the slumber of dormitory students is disturbed by evidence of the undead. The second floor of WVU Tech’s Ratliff Hall is riddled with disembodied footsteps, slamming doors and billowing curtains, even when no windows are open. One evening the lights flickered out, and a girl reported that as darkness flooded the building, a fireman appeared in the hallway. When the lights flipped back on just a split second later, he disappeared.


So, when you start to close your eyes in Fayette County, you might just consider keeping one open.


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