Winter Zipping: Win!

A colorful West Virginia canopy tour groupBy Shea Anderson


Rafting season rumbles to a close. River riders wander off to their winter pursuits. The forest fliers hop off the ziplines…


But why? The TreeTops Canopy Tour is open year-round, and WINTER IS THE BEST time to experience the thrill of the ziplines! I don’t think it’s an arguable statement. Let me share why:


Rarely seen scenery.

Yes, the fall trees explode with color, painting a vibrant landscape for Treetops riders. But the bare branches of the winter create an equally gorgeous scene: a picturesque portrait of barren beauty.


The sloping hillsides maintain their graceful swishes, dipping into the valleys and flowing up into mountains. The lack of leaves for coverage and the slowed life of the forest open up the view from the zipline to a whole new feeling: nature sharing its purest, most vulnerable state.


If that doesn’t sound perfect, you have to see it for yourself.


Time hits a sweet, slow pace.

The slow season also means you can slow down your own journey. I don’t mean that you should sloth your way across the ziplines (unless you want to.) But I do mean that without the crowds and lines, you can take your time and enjoy the ride and the scenery. Snap a few shots, or enough to fill an album.


Memory making stays present, not past.

You can also take time to enjoy the company. Zipping is a great experience to share with the people you love, and with no rush, you guys can enjoy the event even longer before you call it a memory together.


Tap a wealth of knowledge.

You don’t even have to BYOF (bring your own friend). Guides at Adventures on the Gorge are full of fun facts about the area and the woods, and they have tons of stories to share. And the jokes! I’ve been zipping nearly 10 times, and I don’t even know half of the hilarity the guides have to offer.


Shimmering sets.

Winter also occasionally tosses out an opportunity for the perfect ziplining photo. It’s the one you hang above the mantle. It’s when the trees get capped with shimmering crystal snowflakes. You want to see the forest shine from a new angle? Try 80 feet above it, nestled in the frozen branches of a giant tree. It’s a sight not shared with many people, and its one you won’t forget.


Told you so.

I’ve never been zipping and not had a blast. But the winter allows for a unique experience on the Gorge, and I encourage everyone to check it out.

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