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Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines

The newest West Virginia Zip line Tour is like no other! Gravity Zip Lines is a mile long & soars 200 feet above the ground at its highest point. Fast and exhilarating describes this new canopy tour.

You've earned your wings. Get ready to take flight!

Gravity Zip Line Tour offers wild, high-flying adventure in West Virginia's scenic New River Gorge region.

Gravity Zip Lines Takes Canopy Zipline Tours To The Next Level of Excitement

West Virginia Gravity Zip LineAdventures On the Gorge has launched a new longer, higher, faster zip line tour called “Gravity.”

This open-air zip line soars a jaw-dropping 200 feet above the ground at its highest point.  Riders enjoy  a mile-long tour that zigzags across the ridge line of a mountain bowl.

This tour offers amazing, birds-eye views of the surrounding area and the changing fall foliage in the valley below.

The Gravity Zip Lines Tour: What To Expect

Elevated above the trees, you'll have unspoiled views of the lush ever-changing forests of West Virginia  during your two-hour ride in the sky. Below the zipline, the history of the area runs deep; the valley below was once was one of West Virginia’s many working strip mines. Check out our Gravity Guidelines and FAQ.

Tour Details

  • Start from a platform on one of the highest points above the valley launching into two consecutive warm-up zips, each about 500 feet long.
  • Gravity Zip LineTours West VirginiaThe real action kicks-in with the third zip crossing a distance of 1800 feet over the bowl of the mountain.
  • The fourth and fifth heart-stopping zips stretch 1600 and 1300 feet, respectively, reaching heights of about 200 feet above the ground and speeds up to 45-50 miles per hour.
  • And the last zip—Adrena-Line—stretches over 3100 feet long (that's longer than the New River Gorge Bridge!) and routinely zips people faster than 50mph!

The valley drops out below quicker than the cables are descending the ridge so you actually keep getting higher and further away from the mountainside!


Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines
 Season: April - November  Price: $109.00 per person
 Age: 12 years minimum  Weight: 100-260 pounds
 Length: 3 hours  Meals: Not included
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Spend A Day In The Air With Gravity Zipline AND Treetops Canopy Tour

This half-day adventure can also be paired with the signature Adventures on the Gorge TreeTops Canopy Tour to create a full-day outing in the sky.

The TreeTops Canopy Tour gives outdoor enthusiasts a true “insiders” perspective of Wild & Wonderful West Virginia with ten zip-lines that run through the forest canopy.  Treetops crosses over the Mill Creek gorge and into lush woods filled with Rhododendron, old-growth Eastern Hemlock, and numerous hard wood species.  Not to be missed!